Written & Directed by DAVID MCCRACKEN

Produced by Daylight LLC.

94 min.  |  Supernatural Thriller


A supernatural thriller about a CPS team who investigates a series of bizarre child abuse cases and discovers one girl may be demonically possessed.


FRIGHTFEST. London, Official Selection.

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You wouldn't think of a film that deals with child abuse, the recent scandals in the Catholic Church, and demonic possession as particularly hopeful, but the title "Daylight" is not merely ironic. Confronting the horrors of your past is the only way to have a brighter future. The characters in "Daylight" all have their demons; the question is, do they have the strength and courage to ultimately win over the powers of evil? When you watch "Daylight," be ready to pay attention—it's a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.